Some days life seems to really hand it to ya. You know what that’s like. You wake up feeling pretty great, (hey, i woke up so what’s not to like?) ready to take on the day. And then it happens………

The first lemon of the day.

Your beloved, adored and well used coffee maker has decided to take a leave of absence. AARGH. “How dare you do this to me?” So you shrug it off and decide it’s quick shop coffee on the way to work. “No problem, it could be worse” you think to yourself. Out to car you go, thinking of that wonderful aroma of extra dark, not so tasty, quick shop coffee.

And then it happens……..

The next lemon of the day, you didn’t make lunch to take along, cause your brain isn’t in a functioning mode due to the lack of coffee awareness! “It’s ok” you think, “quick shop sandwich will solve that issue to” you consoul yourself. Now I’m behind the wheel, even more anxious to “update my JAVA”.

And then it happens…….

The car lights were left on last nite, and the battery is dead! You utter a long list of profanities, some you may have just invented. The sound drifts across the neighborhood, enlightening your neighbors with you mastery of the english profanity language. You’ve reached the critical melt point of your positive attitude. We’ve all been there before haven’t we? We have had life just start throwing out lemons to us like they grew on trees. “How much more can go wrong today?” you think to yourself. I refuse to utter those words, due to my firm superstition that life will hand it to you 10 fold over when it hears that sentence spoken. It’s hard.

It’s all about how you squeeze your lemons. See, I actually got to the point of this title.