This is my very first blog, so hopefully it comes across sounding ok.  I’m doing this blog to try to help out anyone who is interested in learning more about woodworking.  This is a journey of discovery for myself also.  I have wanted to start woodworking for almost 20 years, but never got around to it.  Kids, work, commitments etc, so I have finally decided to just dive in and learn as I go.  Naturally, I’ve spent lots of hours reading and watching some really awesome YouTube video’s on the various aspects of woodworking.  I would like to share my experience in the craft, with whomever wants to come along and follow my blog.  I’m going to start making short videos to include with my posts to help show that not everyone is an expert when their first starting out.  I’m definitely making my share of mistakes on the way, which i notice is something I don’t normally see in the YouTube videos, so i’m going to be brave and show when I mess up (sometimes).  My workshop is slowly coming together.  There’s so many things you discover when you start to actually work on a project.  You start discovering where tools or equipment should be located.  You find that your workshop layout isn’t really efficient or useful.  The things that you thought were going to work great, turned out to be not so great.  I’m really surprised that right now, the shop is constantly evolving and changing.  I get things located and organized thinking it’s going to work out great, but when a project get started, I find out that it wasn’t the best idea.  Woodworking in a small space can be a challenge.  You only have so much workshop space and you have to find ways to maximize the space that you have.  Slowly but surely, things will work themselves out and the layout I need will appear.  Evolution, it’s what starting the journey is about.  If you like this content and want to follow, please click on the subscribe button and share my page.  I’ve added a Pinterest link, click on the button and give my boards a view.  Thanks and more to come.

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