Handmade Hardwood Cutting Board


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Beautiful hard wood species made cutting board. These are hand made by myself and made with a quality that I use for myself and my family. Each board contains a mixture of hardwoods for strong, lasting durability. The edge grain orientation of the wood makes for a tough surface. It will help with self-healing regular knife cuts and will be kind to your cutting knives. These boards are easy to maintain their appearance. They are sealed using a special food grade oil and wax combination, giving a long lasting finish. Like any cutting board, over time it will develop deep cuts that may require it to be re-finished. Contact me and I would be glad to provide a cost for repair and re-sealing the surface.
Simply use soapy water and wipe the surface and dry immediately for normal use and care.
I will soon have a pre-packeged oil/wax wipe that will help maintain your finish. Check back often to see when it is available.

These are great for home use and as a gift to someone special.


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