Hi, I’m Steve Hemmer, owner of  “It’s NOT a Garage”.  I started this site to share my experiences, mistakes, advice (it may be free, but is it any good?), parenting, marriage, divorce (oh what fun) and starting woodworking and alot of other craft projects.  This name was picked when I would say “I’m heading out to the shop” and someone would always say “It’s a garage, not a shop”, so you can guess my reply!!

I’m including blog postings on woodworking, arts and crafts, daily life and some iron works.  I hope to appeal to both men and woman and show that you CAN do what you imagine.  Video’s are also being included to show the process and make learning a little easier.

I’ve been involved in so many different things and really wanted to share my experience and hopefully inspire and motivate everyone to take up a hobby or go back to a hobby that you used to enjoy.  If hobbies aren’t your thing, I’ve been human for a few years now and finally decided to start sharing my advice and try to get some responses from you.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back often. If you dare